Suitable for Telemed

Acute illnesses:

  • Fever
  • Cough, cold, runny nose
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea
  • Headache and Giddiness
  • Rashes and Eczema
  • Red eye

Teleconsultation with Healthcare United

No more long lines or exhausting doctor’s visits when you’d rather be resting in bed! With teleconsultation, you have access to quality healthcare at any time and from any location. If you require medication, we provide doorstep delivery.

Simply click the Healthcare United Toa Payoh to speak with a General Practitioner.  It is truly convenience at the touch of a button, as a variety of trustworthy physicians and specialists are accessible within a click below.


Telemed / Teleconsult/Telehealth

Operation Hours

Monday to Friday 8-1pm , 2-5pm

Saturday & Sunday 8-1pm

Lunch Break 1-2pm



Consultation Fees with medication – $15

Consultation without medication – $20

delivery & Medication Fees Paid by patient 

Delivery within the same day 

Clinic direct no: 69043215


telemed faq (please read before registered)

  • Consult fees with medication $15.  Patient will be charged separately for medication and delivery. 
  • consult without medication $20.

Click the link below to book your available date and time to see doctor.

  • Following the teleconsultation with the doctor, we will process the payment using the credit card you provided during your initial registration in the system.
  • Please ensure there is sufficient fund in your credit card to avoid delay in deliver of medication. 
  • Yes. we welcome everyone that need to see a doctor. However, the consult fees will be $20.  
  • It all depend on your condition, assessment by the doctor and medication prescribed to you.
  • Unfortunately you can't. Please see a GP physical when you want to use CHAS card
  • We welcome you to come and collect the medication after seeing the doctor. Please inform the doctor during the telemed to avoid delivery charges. 
  • We are approved clinic by MOH. Please see the link below.

  • Upon consulting the doctor, they will determine the duration of your medical sick leave based on your condition, and this decision is final. If you are still feeling unwell, it is essential to have a physical examination by a doctor. (consult fee still applied)
  • Typically, it is within 6 hours. Do expect some delay near festive period and rainy days. 
  • Once medication is prescribed to you, we are not able to remove it. If you don't need some of the medication, please highlight during the telemed.  

you will receive an email link nearer to your appointment time to join video for consolation. Do check spam folder.

if you do not receive email link call 69043215 for the next course of action. 

Wait patiently for the link to be send to you. There are a few reasons:

  1. Check your spam folder.
  2. The doctor is still seeing patient
  3. call clinic no 69043215 to check

After seeing doctor, the staff will prepare the medication and send for dispatch (hardcopy will be Given). Those without medication, invoice and MC will be send by email.

How to Book for Telemed?

1) Click above to register for Telemed

2) Fill up your particular in the System

3) Wait for us to send you a link to connect telemed

4) Consult done, Payment charge and wait for delivery on the same day

book with confidence!

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