Influenza Vaccination


The flu, or influenza, is a contagious disease that can affect anyone, including healthy people. It attacks the human respiratory tract (nose, throat, and lungs), causing mucous membrane inflammation.

To help reduce the spread of flu, the Singapore Ministry of Health recommends getting an influenza vaccination before traveling.

A single dose is recommended once a year because flu viruses adapt quickly and your body’s immunity to flu viruses may wane over time.


Why is it critical to get an influenza vaccination?

Flu vaccination is especially important for people with compromised immunity, such as the elderly, children, and those with pre-existing conditions, who are more likely to develop serious complications if they get the flu.

Flu symptoms are similar to COVID-19 symptoms and are difficult to distinguish. Individuals with flu symptoms must be tested for COVID-19, putting a strain on our country’s healthcare resources.

In addition to reducing the burden on our healthcare system, getting vaccinated will protect your health from influenza-related illnesses and prevent a possible “twindemic” of COVID-19 and the flu.

What Are The Available Flu Vaccination Subsidies?​

Because flu vaccinations are covered by the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS) and the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (NCIS), eligible Singaporeans will only need to pay the following amounts (after government subsidies) at Healthcare United GP clinics:

• Eligible Singaporean children: $0; Pioneer Generation cardholders: $9 to $16 per vaccination dose
• Eligible Merdeka Generation, CHAS Blue, and Orange cardholders: vaccination doses are limited to $18 to $31.
• Other eligible adult Singaporeans: vaccination doses are limited to $35 to $63 each.

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